2020 Vision

“2020 Vision” Describe The Year 2020.  A participatory project that involves the community of embroiderers in Bogota and Medellin, contributions from social media call outs, engaging passersby, performance artist and poets, 

At Bliss on Bliss BOG in Barrio San Felipe. After which will travel to NYC and Manila in 2021. The participatory process continues in NY and Manila and will e site specific

The residency and exhibit is made possible by the generosity of a private sponsor in Bogota, Colombia

"Stitching Boundaries" is a collaborative project with Manila based artist Aze Ong. In 2019 The GedAze Project were reciepiemts of the QCA QAF Grant to cerate new work. For this two venue exhibit I put a call out via social media for photographs about "Relationships-Place-Objects-Memories", I then had them printed on synthetic textiles and sewed them onto. repurposed textiles. Then while in Bogota, Colombia I worked with local embroiderers who created their own versions of the call out by embroidery 

which I incorporated into our installation

“Stitching Boundaries “is made possible by a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York State Dept. of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council
with support from The Drawing Room Contemporary Art and The National Commision for Culture and the Arts

 "The Hybridity and Dynamism of the Contemporary Art of the Philippines" 

 "The Hybridity and Dynamism of the Contemporary Art of the Philippines" commemorates the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea. The Philippines is the first Asian country to establish diplomatic relations with Korea

The six-day exhibit is part of a series of art exhibitions shedding light on ASEAN countries organized by the Hansae Yes24 Foundation. Founded by Hansae Yes24 Holdings CEO Kim Dong-nyung, the foundation has introduced over 60 artists through exhibitions centering on Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar since 2014.

The exhibit is curated by Choi Eun-ju, now director of the Daegu Art Museum. Choi visited the Philippines several times and said that Filipino contemporary art has developed beyond expectations.

Ged Merino visited Seoul last weekend to host his signature wrapping workshop with Korean participants. Merino breathes new life and meaning into old objects such as books and shoes by covering them in recycled fabric and string. The encased objects connote a new relation between the object and the person who wrapped it.

Korean Times


Found Bound Rebound

Back in April 2015 I got an e-mail from FABNYC  inviting me to host a reuse, recycle workshop. I was excited to meet up with Anne, Patrick and Marieke and Executive Director Tamara GreenfieldSeveral Theatre workshops in the Lower East Side were donating costumes and scrap fabrics. I had an idea for a project that was brewing in my mind a year ago So I proposed that we invite participants to donate and bind the shoes with the donated fabrics. My goal was to collect about five hundred to a thousand pairs of wearable ( old or new) pairs of shoes and exhibit the shoes at Topaz Arts NY to launch the project. Then ship them to Manila via Balik Bayan boxes. I shipped about 25 boxes to Manila as part of my solo show In July of 2016 at the Drawing Room Contemporary Art in Manila.  At the end of the show I donated them to the Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon victims thru Caritas (a charitable organization )

The whole processs was inspiring. During the FABNYC workshop about 50+ people showed up that day. The only two rules 1. Shoes must be wearable and in pairs. 2. No glue or anyting permanent. At the end of the workshop we collected about 200 pairs. I continued workshops at my studio and did call outs via social; media. The response was inspiring. shoes (mostly ewrapped and bound) were shipped from as far as San Francisco  to Maine. Friends n NY drove by and dropped of their contributions, some left them by the studio doorway.  We collected around 450 pairs.  My HS Alumni was having a grand reunion in Jan 2016 in Manila and I was thrilled that they did their own workshop as part of their actvities. 

© 2015 Ged Merino 

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