Ged Merino 

Solo Shows /Art Fairs/ Biennales / Special Projects


2020                   ALT 2020 / The Drawing Room Contemporary ,SM AURA PH.


2019                    “Kuwentong Kutsero”/Museo De Intramuros, Manila Philippines

                             “Stitching Boundaries”The GedAze Project /Bliss on Bliss Art Projects 

                             Sunnyside, NY

                             “Stitching Boundaries”The GedAze Project Yant Art Space. 

                             Forest Hills, NY

                             “KANLUGAN”(SHELTER) The Ged/Aze Project

                             National Commission on Culture and the Arts /Philippines


2018                     "Memo-Random" Practices from the Peripheries/ Art Informal, Greenhills PH.

                              “Selecting Memory”/The Drawing Room ContemporaryArt

                             “Imaginarium”The GedAze Project”/ Singapore Art Museum

                             “Stem”The GedAze Project / BenCabMuseum Baguio City


2017                    “Open Threads”The GedAze Project / Topaz Arts NY

                             “Prelude”  The GedAze Project / TDR Escolta 

                             “Ripples and Layers” The GedAze Project /Fundacion Sanso PH.

                             “Existence”The GedAze Project / UP Vargas Museum PH.

                             “Illuminati”/ The GedAze Project / ArtFair PH. 

                              The Drawing Room Contemporary 


2016                     Transitional Objects / The Drawing Room Contemporary Art Manila

                             “Sound in Our Head”The GedAze Project/Bliss on Bliss Art Projects                             


                              London Biennale Manila Pollination / Met Theatre Manila

2015                     CIGE Art Fair / Beijing China

                              Southeast Asia Art Platform / Artstage Singapore 

2014                     Sueños Recurrentes/ Galeria Expreso del Arte BogotáColombia

                              Metamorphosis / The Drawing Room Gallery, Makati, Phil.

                              Beneath the Surface, Structures and Scratches / CCP Manila, Phil

2012                     Prints and Paintings / Bliss on Bliss Art Projects NY

2006                     New Works, New York / Avellana Gallery, Philippines  

2005                     Recent Works MONO-Prints / Avellana Gallery, Philippines

1988                     New Works / Philippine Consulate, NY, NY.

1987                     Helena Benitez Hall, PWU Fine Arts Gallery, Philippines



Selected Group Shows


2019                   "Aqui Hay Una Historia Por Bordador" / La Casa Soledad Bogota, Colombia

2018                    "Where it Begins" Filipino American Artists from New York/ Pinto Museum Philippines

                            Tumba Tumba/ UP Vargas Museum Philippines

                            What it means to be a Filipino/ Canvas at UP Diliman PH

2016                   “Sound in Our Head”The GedAze Project/Bliss on Bliss Art Projects                             


                           Common Thread / The Drawing Room Contemporary Art

                           Paper and Layers / Cultural Center of The Philippines

                           Sound in Her Head/ The GedAze Project /Spare Room Project Drawing 

                           Room Contemporary Art

                           “Case Studies”Found Bound Rebound / Topaz Arts NY,NY

2014                   Promdi-Archipelago/ ACAW 10th ed. Bliss on Bliss Art Projects NY,NY

2013                   Eco-Logic /Las Vegas Center for Contemporary Arts

2012                   In This Place We Live 2/ M55 Art Gallery LIC NY

                            NYFA Bootstrap Festival /Clemente Soto Velez NY

                            Conversations with Mars/Trans-Glocal /Bliss on Bliss Art Projects NY

2011                    In  This Place We Live / M55 Gallery LIC NY

                            Eye of the Beholder / LICA LIC, NY

2010                    VIA MAIL/Capitana Gallery, Philippines

                            LEAP /La Mama Galleria , NY,NY

2009                    A Night of 1001 Prints / M55 Art Gallery LIC, NY.

                            Return to Paradise / ARIAS Artspace, Makati, Philippines

                            When you say nothing at all / ARIAS Artspace, Makati, Philippines

2005                    Manila to Williamsburg / Goliath Space Brooklyn NY

2002                    Mono-Print / Miriam Perlman Gallery. Chicago IL.

2001                    A is for Abstract La MAMA Galleria, NY

2000                    Printmakers show / The Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn NY.

1997                    At the edge....  / Cendrillon, NY, NY

1995                    Successful Series / Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago IL.

1992                    Continuing an Idea / Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1991                    Repeated Surfaces / Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1989                    Applied Surfaces / Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago IL.

                            Developing an Idea / Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1987                    ASEAN Preview / Kulay- Diwa Gallery, Philippines

                            5th ASEAN Youth / National Museum, Singapore

                            MALVAR Artists / Museum of Baguio, Philippines

1986                   Filipino Contemporary Artists / Ayala Museum, Philippines




1991                     Best in Show / Spirit of New Jersey, JC, NJ.

1988                     Jackson Pollock Memorial Scholarship/Art Students League NY

1987                     Top Five / ASEAN Youth Painting Delegation Singapore


1990                     Art Students League, NY, NY

1987                     PWU School of Fine Arts, Philippines



Gallery Representation Past and Current

The Drawing Room Contemporary Art, Manila Philippines

Multiple Impressions,  NY, NY.

Miriam Perlman Gallery,  Chicago, IL.


Artist Statement

My current practice has its origins in textiles. When I was young I watched my mother recycle old fabrics and use various techniques to give the old fabrics new life. Living in NYC nearly half of my lifetime, a realization came to me after spending several years in Manila working on projects, the contrast of poverty versus waste. Haunted by possession and disposal, discarded materials eventually became my focus. 

My textile-based works are stitched prints sourced out by rubbing, hammering on objects and scratching onto any surface with texture from among the scattered detritus, walls, streets and pavements of my neighborhood in Sunnyside, NY. I also collect things, discarded intentionally or incidentally, and my migratory history includes a movement of physical things. Gathered, transferred and bound for the creation of a totally new object Alluding to peculiar periods of things when their “original” function for which they are constructed for is no longer such. Rather, they are reconfigured to suit a new design amongst many permutations. 

Extending life beyond an object’s predisposed function.

A way of collecting artifacts from people’s lives, and repurposing textiles and various materials into my artistic process

Textile becomes a realm of memory in which I weave my narratives into my object making through material that thread through seemingly separate, even disparate, worlds. 

Discarded materials were always possessions at some point like transitory sculptures and their momentary existence in some way is similar to my ambivalent state.

A transposition of experiences made possible by migration and settlement.

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