Found, Bound, Rebound





Back in May I got an e-mail from FABNYC  inviting me to host a reuse, recycle workshop. I was excited to meet up.  Several Theatre workshops in the Lower East Side were donating costumes and scrap fabrics. I had an idea for a project that was brewing in my mind a year ago So I proposed that we invite participants to donate and bind the shoes with the donated fabrics.My goal was to collect about five hundred to a thousand pairs of wearable ( old or new) pairs of shoes and exhibit the shoes in New York to launch the project. Then ship them to Manila via Balik Bayan boxes and  In July of 2016exhibit the collected shoes at the Drawing Room Contemporary Art in Manila.  At the end of the show we unbind the shoes and donate them to the Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon victims thru Caritas ( a charitable organization )

So I was thrilled that they enthusiastically accepted the proposal 


Anne, Patrick and Marieke and at that time Executive Director Tamara Greenfield ( 2nd Photo) the Fabulous staff of FABNYC 




 Jeffrey Wallach the Chief costume designer at the La MAMA theatre was very supportive and gave us tons of scrap fabrics







Dago "Dale" Santos Jagabat, my amazing photographer friend who volunteered his time to take photos of the participants and their shoe sculptures. It was Dale's Birthday that day. What a guy!



Photos from LOAD OUT April 11, 2015







Some of the wonderful shoe creations from the generous folks who particpated at the April 11, 2015 LOAD OUT 






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