© 2015 Ged Merino 

Bliss on Bliss Art Projects 4149 45th St. Sunnyside NY 11104

My current practice has its origins in textiles. At an early age I was always attracted to color, textures and decorative details of fabrics. When I was young I watched my mother recycle old fabrics from livestock feeds and use various techniques to give the old fabrics new life.  It was a process passed on to her by her family over the years   My process is spontaneous, intuitive, and improvisational. I might decide to work with a color or image that I’m especially drawn. At other times, a texture or pattern catches my attention. Although it might be the focal point initially, as I continue creating, it could turn into a supporting complement instead. For me, working with textiles is yet another adventure. Printmaking is an essential part of my practice. As part of the process in building my plates I rub, hammer, scratch textures from flattened soda cans, bottle caps, man hole plates and any other markings or photographed images that create textures from around the neighborhood. I use them as part of the plates or silkscreen them and stitch them onto the fabrics. I collect discarded artifacts from people’s lives that have been forgotten or left behind.  

  artist statement